The Pull Request Code Analysis Addin for Cake allows you to add issues from any analyzer or linter to comments in pull requests.

Supported Core Functionality

The core addin provides the following functionality:

  • Modular architecture, allowing to easily enhance it for supporting additional analyzers, linters and code review systems.
  • Support for reporting issues from multiple issue providers.
  • Filtering issues to only those related to changes in a pull request.
  • Automatic resolving of issues fixed in subsequent commits.
  • Comparing issues by content to not rely on line numbers.
  • Limit number of maximum issues to post.
  • Returns all issues as provided by the issue providers and the issues reported to the pull request.
  • ReadIssues alias for reading issues from multiple issue providers without interacting with a pull request system. This can for example be used to fail builds on certain conditions.

Supported Issue Providers

See Issue Provider Addins for a list of currently supported analyzers and linters.

Supported Pull Request Systems

See Pull Request System Addins for a list of currently supported pull request systems.