ICodeAnalysisIssue Interface


Description of a code analysis issue.
graph TD Type["ICodeAnalysisIssue"] class Type type-node Type-.->Implementing0["CodeAnalysisIssue"] click Implementing0 "/Cake.Prca.Website/api/Cake.Prca.Issues/CodeAnalysisIssue" Type-.->Implementing1["CodeAnalysisIssue<T>"] click Implementing1 "/Cake.Prca.Website/api/Cake.Prca.Issues/CodeAnalysisIssue_1"


public interface ICodeAnalysisIssue


Name Value Summary
AffectedFileRelativePath FilePath
Gets the path to the file affacted by the issue. The path is relative to the repository root. Can be null if issue is not related to a change in a file.
Line Nullable<T>
Gets the line in the file where the issues has occurred. Nothing if the issue affects the whole file or an asssembly.
Message string
Gets the message of the code analysis issue.
Priority int
Gets the priority of the message used to filter out issues if there are more issues than should be posted. Issues with a lower priority are filtered if there are more issues to post than is allowed.
ProviderType string
Gets the type of the issue provider.
Rule string
Gets the rule of the code analysis issue.
RuleUrl Uri
Gets the URL containing information about the failing rule. Can be null if the issue provider provides no URL.

Extension Methods

Name Value Summary
NotNull<ICodeAnalysisIssue>(string) void
Throws an exception if the specified parameter's value is null.