Cake Issues

What is it?

Do you want to break your build on JetBrains InspectCode issues? Do you want to create nice reports for StyleCop issues in your code? Do you want to have ESLint issues reported as comments to pull requests? The Issues addins for Cake allows you to do this and much more. Read issues from different analyzer or linters, create reports or add them as comments to pull requests.


Unlike other Cake addins, the Cake Issues addin consists of over 10 different addins, working together and providing you with over 50 aliases which you can use in your Cake build scripts to work with issues.
The addins are built in a modular architecture and are providing different extension points which allow to easily enhance it for supporting additional analyzers, linters, report formats and code review systems.

More information

See Documentation for basic concepts and usage instructions.

See Addins for a list of supported issue providers, report formats and pull request systems and Reference for a list of aliases provided by these addins.