Cake Issues

Issue Management for the Cake Build System

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Cake Issues is free to use, improve, contribute and distribute. Source code is available on GitHub under MIT license.

Rich ecosystem

Unlike other Cake addins, Cake Issues consists of over 10 different addins, working together and providing you with over 50 aliases which you can use in your Cake build scripts to work with issues.

Supports your tooling

Read issues from different analyzers, linters or tools. The growing range of out-of-the-box supported tools include MSBuild, JetBrains InspectCode (ReSharper), ESLint, Markdownlint, DocFX.


Cake Issues provides aliases to create reports from the parsed issues. There's a generic reporting addin which allows to create reports using out-of-the-box or custom Razor templates.

Pull request workflow integration

Issues found on a feature branch can be reported as comments to pull requests giving developers instant and direct feedback. Currently Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server are supported.


The addins are built in a modular architecture and are providing different extension points which allow you to easily enhance it for supporting additional analyzers, linters, report formats and pull request systems.